About NWC

What is NorthwestConnect’s history and mission?

In late 2008, District Superintendent, Randy Craker, began meeting with the area pastors to begin a conversation of how the Church of the Nazarene could more effectively meet the needs of Spokane.

What started as the vision of a group of Spokane area pastors has now become a reality.

Connecting People for Change


  • community resources with community needs
  • faith communities under a common vision
  • people with the love of God


  • regardless of age, people group or socioeconomic status
  • in our local community context, the greater Spokane area, and eventually the Inland Pacific Northwest

For Change:

  • expanding the way the churches connect with our community
  • both one person at a time and through influencing our culture
  • through educational opportunities, meeting physical and social needs, and long term community development
  • through the transforming power of God

Barbara Olson – Manager of the Northeast Food Pantry and A Hand Up Non-Food Pantry

Northwest Connect Board of Directors:

Preston and Michelle Benson – Executive Directors

Danene Vaughn

Dean Oberst

Barb Wold

Deb Howard